Databases and Archives

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Name Project Type Organization Updated datesort descending
Australian Electronic Literature Directory Database Creative Nation: New Media Writing 14.05.2012
Electronic Poetry Center Database Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) 03.06.2012
Media Upheavals Database Database 03.06.2012
Writing Digital Media Collection Archive Brown University, Department of Literary Arts, Brown University Scholarly Technology Group 22.08.2012
Monoskop Database 22.09.2012
Monoskop/log Archive 22.09.2012
The Interactive Fiction Archive Archive 09.10.2012
The Deena Larsen Collection Archive Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities 16.10.2012
Michael Joyce papers (Ransom Center) Archive Harry Ransom Center 20.10.2012
Webartery Mailing List Archive 03.11.2012
Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural: Arte e Tecnologia no Brasil Database Itaú Cultural 06.11.2012
Арт-Тенета - Книга Отзывов на конкурс Archive Тенёта 27.01.2013
Интернет и киберкультура в России Special Collection 27.01.2013
UbuWeb Archive 30.01.2013
Open Space Archive Archive 30.01.2013
trAce Archive Archive trAce Online Writing Centre 13.02.2013
Русская вирутальная библиотека Database 15.02.2013
Cybertext Yearbook Database Database University of Jyväskylä 22.02.2013
Ars Electronica Archive Archive Ars Electronica 27.02.2013
Rhizome Artbase Database Rhizome 27.02.2013