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This archive is a home for interactive fiction (aka IF) games, development tools, game solutions, and programming examples, and for the Usenet newsgroups and We want this site to be a place where all things related to the art (and science) of interactive fiction can be consolidated.



We have collected as much as time permitted from many places all over the world. You may help us and the users of this archive by uploading missing items. You can either upload using the web form at or using FTP to the directory /incoming/. If you use FTP, you will need to also upload a text file explaining what it is, and on what machines it runs. If we can't make heads or tails of an anonymous upload, we'll probably just delete it, so if it's unclear please upload an explanation with your submission. (Note that the old email address for submissions has had to be disabled due to the volume of spam it received.) The archive makes no blanket claim about the copyright status of the archive files. Unless a file, its included license, or its description explicitly states that it is in the public domain, then the file's copyright rests with its author and the file is only available on the archive for personal use. You may freely download games and play them, and the games and files can be made available for download from the Archive and its official mirrors. The files and games on the archive may not be compiled for commercial distribution without permission from each and every author of the files you would like to distribute. Note that commercial distribution includes selling games or game compilations on online auction sites.

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