ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base

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The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base is a research resource for electronic literature. An open-access, contributory database developed in Drupal 7, it provides cross-referenced, contextualized information about authors, creative works, critical writing, events, organizations, publishers, teaching resources, and databases and archives.

Contributors' notes: 

The team that originally developed the Knoweledge Base platform included:

Scott Rettberg, Project Leader
Jill Walker Rettberg, Co-Investigator
Eric Dean Rasmussen, Editor
Patricia Tomaszek, PhD student
Elisabeth Nesheim, PhD student
Thomas Brevik, Project Librarian
Stein Magne Bjørklund, Developer

Technical Notes: 

Originally built in Drupal 6. Upgraded to Drupal 7 in the summer of 2011. Makes extensive use of the Views and References modules.

Critical writing that references this Database or Archive:

Title Author Yearsort ascending
Appealing to Your Better Judgement: A Call for Database Criticism Hannah Ackermans 2020
Something there badly not wrong: the life and death of literary form in databases Joseph Tabbi 2020
Electronic Literature: Documenting and Archiving Multimodal Computational Writing Scott Rettberg 2019
Electronic Literature in the Database and the Database in Electronic Literature Hannah Ackermans, Inge van de Ven 2019
Nodes Without Edges: Peripheries of the Database Hannah Ackermans 2019
Electronic Literature: Archiving, History, and Potentiality Scott Rettberg, Nicola Piras, Elisa Gorgaini 2019
ELMCIP Knowledge Base Seminar Authors Feedback session Scott Rettberg 2018
The Future of the Digital Humanities at the University of Bergen Jill Walker Rettberg, Jøregen Sejersted, Anders Fagerjord, Maria-Carme Torras Calvo, Elli Mylonas, Scott Rettberg 2018
ELO 2018: Database Collaboration, Facial Recognition, and Third Generation Electronic Literature Hannah Ackermans 2018
CELL Project Meeting Davin Heckman, Dene Grigar, Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette, Joseph Tabbi, Rui Torres, Leonardo L. Flores, Bertrand Gervais, Ariane Savoie, Enrico Agostini Marchese, Servanne Monjour, John Cayley, Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Hannah Ackermans 2018
ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base in Review Scott Rettberg, Eric Dean Rasmussen, Álvaro Seiça 2018
Curating Digital Archives: Interoperability and Appropriation @ PO-EX.NET Rui Torres 2017
Action session day 1 Nicholas Schiller, Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh 2016
Narrative Affect in William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory and Morpheus: Biblionaut, or, Post-Digital Fiction for the Programming Era Eric Dean Rasmussen 2016
The Ciberia Project: An Experiment In Digital Hermeneutics María Goicoechea 2015
Networks of Creativity: Electronic Literature Communities Scott Rettberg, Patricia Tomaszek 2015
Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice: A Report from the HERA Joint Research Project 2014
The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: A Review Álvaro Seiça 2014
O PO.EX, Arquivo Digital da Literatura Experimental Portuguesa: Uma Recensão Álvaro Seiça 2014
Um Feixe Luminoso: Uma Leitura da Colecção de Literatura Electrónica Portuguesa Álvaro Seiça 2014
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