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Exopoiesis and literariness in the works of William Gibson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph Ugo Panzani Conference paper or presentation English anglo-american fiction, literary studies, electronic literature, literariness, remediation, N. Katherine Hayles, hypertextuality, hypermediality, print fiction, autopoiesis
Dichtung Digital 43 Issue of a journal German
Dissecting Characters: A Typology of Chinese Characters in Text-based Playable Media Yue-Jin Ho Conference panel or roundtable English computer games, chinese computer system, chinese characters, playable media, chinese, translation, alphabets
Rendering Text(ures): Foundations for Developing a Virtual Text-Crafting Environment Kristopher Purzycki Conference paper or presentation English CAVE, virtual worlds, textual process, Minecraft
Computing Literature Series English
The ZX Spectrum Demoscene as Organized Anarchy Piotr Marecki Invited lecture English demoscene, decentering digital media, ZX Spectrum, 8bit, DIY
Mushfaking It: How a Neophyte Makes Do (and Does Well) TeachingElectronic Literature Barbara Liu Conference paper or presentation English
The Progressive Dinner Party Anthology of creative work or online gallery English
Charlie P Richard Kalich
Literary Studies in the Digital Age An Evolving Anthology English
Wendell Berry and the Agrarian Tradition: A Common Grace. Kimberley K. Smith
Beyond Digital Nicholas Negroponte Article in an online journal English
Do Games Really Ever End? Ryan House Conference paper or presentation English video games, game analysis
Tales of Almost Linda Carroli Article in an online journal Critical Ecologies English moral tales, meditations, imparja television, Australia, michel de certeau, mt isa
Oblivion David Foster Wallace
Routledge studies in new media and cyberculture
African literature
Social Media for E-lit Authors Michael Rabby
Avant-garde and modernism studies
Structure and Meaning in Role-Playing Game Design Rebecca Borgstrom Article or chapter in a book Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media English
Thèse de doctorat en études littéraires (Université du Québec à Montréal)
SUNY series in constructive postmodern thought
ÆREA: Carménèra
Narrative Texture Luciane Maria Fadel Conference paper or presentation
Theory and interpretation of narrative series
Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español María Goicoechea, Laura Sánchez Gómez Anthology of creative work or online gallery Spanish (Castilian) repository, Spanish Language Electronic Literature Collection, Spanish digital literature, Spanish and international authors
Bibliotheca philologica. Serie Lecturas
Research paper (Carnegie Mellon University. School of Computer Science)
Ideological Meanings in Open Letters to Nigeria’s President Obasanjo, 2003 - 2007 Ebuka Elias Igwebuike Explorations in Critical Discourse and New Media Studies: Essays in Honour of Rotimi Taiwo
Janua linguarum
Vorwort: p0es1s – international digital poetry Friedrich W. Block Article or chapter in a book
Studies in the Evolution of Language
Digital Media and Society Series
Issues in cultural and media studies
Platform-based Rules of (Un)Notice Inge van de Ven Conference paper or presentation English
Writing science
Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications
Tecnologias de comunicação, entretenimento e competências cognitivas na cibercultura Fátima Régis Article or chapter in a book A Cibercultura em Transformação: Poder, Liberdade e Sociabilidade (ABCiber Vol.2) Portuguese cyberculture, cognitive competencies, entertainment, brazilian cyberstudies
"Toward a Theory of Hypertextual Design" Kathleen Burnett Article in a print journal English hypertext, hypermedia
New Dimensions in Computers and Composition Series
Made in transition
Session 4.1: Narratives & Narrativity Kedrick James, Illya Szilak, David Ciccoricco, Caitlin Fisher Conference panel or roundtable
Gender as Patterns: Unfixed Forms in Electronic Poetry
Some Notes on bp Nichol, Comics, and (Captain) Poetry Paolo Javier Article or chapter in a book
University of Notre Dame Ward-Phillips lectures in English language and literature
Edition Suhrkamp
Ritter Litteratur
MuK: Massenmedien und Kommunikation English, German
Sessions 5.4 E-Lit Labs James Brown Jr., Robert A. Emmons Jr., Brian Greenspan, Stephanie Boluk, Patrick LeMieux Conference panel or roundtable
Extending Embodiment Within the Knowledge Base Elisabeth Nesheim Conference paper or presentation embodiment, touch, movement, gesture, haptic, ELMCIP Knowledge Base, electronic literature