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Travels in Cybertextuality. The Challenge of Ergodic Literature and Ludology to Literary Theory Markku Eskelinen 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English ergodic literature, cybertext theory, literary theory, narratology, ludology, game studies, transmediality
Des arts-réseaux aux dérives programmées : actualité de "l'art comme expérience Karen O'Rourke 2011 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print French
Rhetorical Convergence: Earlier Media Influence on Web Media Form Anders Fagerjord 2003 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English website, analysis, convergence
Computers, Cut-ups and Combinatory Volvelles: An Archaeology of Text-generating Mechanisms Whitney Anne Trettien 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English
Expressive Processing: On Process-Intensive Literature and Digital Media Noah Wardrip-Fruin 2006 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English digital media, electronic literature, process intensity, story generation, artificial intelligence, expressive AI, computer games, cybertext, ergodic literature, expressive processing
Per una storia della letteratura elettronica italiana Roberta Iadevaia 2021 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print Italian Italian electronic literature
Quantum Feminist Mnemotechnics: The Archival Text, Digital Narrative and The Limits of Memory Carolyn Guertin 2003 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English cyberfeminism, feminist theory, hypertext, hypermedia, electronic literature, digital narrative, new media arts, media ecology, quantum mechanics, embodiment, computer games, synaesthesia, transformation, cyberculture
New narrative pleasures? A cognitive-phenomenological study of the experience of reading digital narrative fictions Anne Mangen 2006 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English interface, reading, hypertext fiction
The Gothic in Contemporary Interactive Fictions Van Leavenworth 2010 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print gothic, interactive fiction, subjectivity, posthuman, unspeakable, live burial, labyrinth, uncanny, grotesque, vampire, historiographic metafiction, cybergothic
Towards a Poetics of Virtual Worlds. Multiuser Textuality and the Emergence of Story Lisbeth Klastrup 2004 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English virtual worlds, poetics, games
Tekstspill i hypertekst. Koherensopplevelse og sjangergjenkjennelse i lesing av multimodale hyperfiksjoner Hans Kristian Rustad 2008 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print Norwegian (Bokmål) hypertext, hypertext fiction, multimodality, cohesion, genre
Raum, Raumsprache und Sprachräume Karin Wenz 1996 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print German hypertext, spatial language, space, textual space, semiotics
/anode a/node an/ode: Poems and an Essay on Teaching Digital Creative Writing Chris S. Carrier 2015 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English digital writing, PhD dissertation
Writing games: Collaborative Writing in Digital-Ludic Spaces Nicole Emmelhainz 2014 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English collaborative writing, social network
A New Media Reading Strategy Cheryl E. Ball 2005 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English new media, digital poetics, rhetoric, interactive reading, webtext, difficult texts, usability testing, reader-response theory, rhetorical analysis, kairos, heuristics, pedagogy, composition
Hyperworks: On Digital Literature and Computer Games Anna Gunder 2004 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English ergodic literature, cybertext, digital literature, hypertext fiction, narratology, literature, sociology of literature, computer game, ludology, game studies, new media studies, textual criticism, media theory
Command Lines: Aesthetics and Technique in Interactive Fiction and New Media Jeremy Douglass 2007 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English interactive fiction, ludology, game studies, narrative theory, aesthetics of frustration
Born Digital: Writing Poetry in the Age of New Media Maria Engberg 2007 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English materiality, ekphrasis, textuality, graphesis, cinematographic poetry
Digital Literature: From Text to Hypertext and Beyond Raine Koskimaa 2000 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English hypertext, narrative, cybertext, ontolepses, metalepsis, spatial, hermeneutics, poetics, reading conventions
Exploiting Kairos in Electronic Literature: A Rhetorical Analysis Cheri Crenshaw 2008 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English electronic literature, kairos, new media, media-specific analysis, rhetoric, remediation
eLiterature, analisi critica, strumenti interpretativi, potenzialità e possibilità applicative Fabio De Vivo 2010 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print Italian e-literature, e-learning, pedagogy
Fiction and Interaction: How Clicking a Mouse Can Make You Part of a Fictional World Jill Walker Rettberg 2003 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English fiction, interaction, second-person address,, hypertext
Electronic Poetry: Understanding Poetry in the Digital Environment Giovanna Di Rosario 2011 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English digital poetry, poetic language, aesthetics, ICT, web, surrealism, fluxus, generative, dada, futurism, sound poetry, e-poetry, semiotics
The Metanovel: Writing Stories by Computer James Richard Meehan 1976 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English computer programming, computational linguistics, computer logic, semantics, problem solving, artificial intelligence, subroutines, natural language, information processing
Literatur im Internet: Theorie und Praxis einer kooperativen Ästhetik Christiane Heibach 2000 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print German
Techno-historical Limits of the Interface: The Performance of Interactive Narrative Experiences Andrew Hutchison 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English mediation, interactivity, narrative elements, technical and historical contexts, technical limits, game, interactive fiction, immersion
Repetition and Recombination: Reading Network Fiction David Ciccoricco 2005 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English network fiction, hypertext, repetition
From page to screen: placing hypertext fiction in an historical and contemporary context of print and electronic literary experiments Martina E. Linnemann 1999 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English hypertext, postmodernism, antecedents, non-linearity, interactivity, generation
I, Chatbot: The Gender and Race Performativity of Conversational Agents Mark C. Marino 2006 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English chatbots, gender, narratology, ludology
Theory and technology for computational narrative: an approach to generative and interactive narrative with bases in algebraic semiotics and cognitive linguistics D. Fox Harrell 2007 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English generative, semantics, narrative structure, dynamic media, interactive drama, GRIOT
Interactive Fiction: The Computer Storygame 'Adventure' Mary Ann Buckles 1985 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English interactive fiction, New Criticism, meaning, reader response
Poetic Machines: an investigation into the impact of the characteristics of the digital apparatus on poetic expression Jeneen Naji 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English poetry, epoetry, electronic poetry, digital poetry, new media, translation, technosocialism, literary theory, digital media, cybernetic, meaning making
Szellem a gépben. A hypertext Zoltán Szűts 2007 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print Hungarian hypertext
Hypertext and Ethnographic Representation: A Case Study Rulon Matley Wood 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English ethnography, hypertext, multimodality, multivocality, multilinearity, design, representation, web publishing
Towards Cinematic Hypertext : A theoretical and Empirical Investigation Clara Mancini 2003 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English coherence, meaning, associative, hypertext, non-linearity
Textopia: Experiments with Locative Literature Anders Sundnes Løvlie 2010 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English locative, narrative, participation, collaboration, game
Literatur auf dem Rechner Thomas Kamphusmann 2000 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print German computer science, literary system, book culture, text generator, text machine, text adventure, chatterbots
Digital Poesi. Æstetisk Analyse og det Mediales Rolle i Kunstværkers Kommunikation Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen 2013 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print Danish poetry, enunciation, digital poetry, multimodal, media, mediality, language technology, phenomenology, liveness, agency, analysis, close reading
Le récit littéraire interactif. Narrativité et interactivité Serge Bouchardon 2005 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print French interactive literature, hypertext, hypermedia, narrativity, narratology, fictionalisation, semiotics, materiality, interactivity, interactive architecture
Offene Texte und nicht-lineares Lesen. Hypertext und Textwissenschaft Kurt E. Fendt 1993 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print German hypertext literature, hypertext
Concrete poetry as a test case for a nominalistic semiotics of verbal art Eric Vos 1992 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English concrete poetry
Minstrel: a computer model of creativity and storytelling Scott R. Turner 1992 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English
The Rematerialization of Poetry: From the Bookbound to the Digital Lori Emerson 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English digital poetry, bookbound poetry, close reading
Cybertext Poetry: Effects of Digital Media on the Creation of Poetic Literature Chris Funkhouser 1997 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English poetry, cybertext poetry, technology, network, software, computer science, English literature, fine arts, technology of education
Recombinant Poetics: Emergent Meaning as Examined and Explored Within a Specific Generative Virtual Environment Bill Seaman 2010 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English computational poetry, computational art, Roy Ascott, authorship
What you click is what you get? - Die Stellung von Autoren und Lesern in interaktiver digitaler Literatur Anja Rau 2000 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print German authorship, hypertext theory, reading experience, metafiction
Reading Digital Poetry. Interface, Interaction, and Interpretation Matti Kangaskoski 2017 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English interface, close reading
Digging Digital Long Grass: Creative path finding in our era of digital and electronic literature Michael J. Maguire 2014 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English
The story, the touchscreen and the child: how narrative apps tell stories Yan Zheng 2018 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English children's electronic literature, narrative apparitions, story app, digital picturebook, interactivity, interactive storytelling
Poetics and Visuality: A Trajectory of Contemporary Brazilian Poetry Philadelpho Menezes 1994 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English visual poetry, antecedents, Brazilian elit