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Technocapitalism began as a set of essays collected in 2002 to be the first in a series of Alt-X Critical E-books.

Under the "technocapitalism" thread, ebr authors regard technology as neither utopian nor neutral, but as capital. As everyday life becomes further defined by communications, automations, and informatics, technology shapes our languages, animates our environments, and fosters our relationships. Techno-logic assures us that it applies scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life, bringing planning, design, and growth. Yet, this is a conservative philosophy that serves to reign in technologies. The essays gathered in this thread (circa 2003) by Marc Bousquet and Katherine Wills fleshed out some of the social relations of exploitation created by this harnessing of information technologies, especially in the university and through the web. A decade later, the essays assembled by Aron Pease explore our current era of technocapitalism more broadly. As the techno club prepares its citizens for permanent war in the global state, we can also observe a technocapitalist imaginary, exemplified in the wildest fantasies of postmodern fiction and transdisciplinary discourse, pointing a way through.

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Critical writing published in this series:

Title Author Publisher Year
Metadiversity: On the Unavailability of Alternatives to Information David Golumbia Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Michael Milken and the Corporate Raid on Education Kenneth J. Saltman Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Next Generation Student Resources: A Speculative Primer Susan Schreibman Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Notes From the Digital Overground Mark Amerika Electronic Book Review (ebr) 1995
On ®TMark, or, The Limits of Intellectual Property Hacktivism Caren Irr Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Patched In: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Schleiner about Computer Gaming Culture Tara McPherson Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Precarity or Normalization? Yes, Please! A Review of Isabell Lorey’s State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious Emilio E. Feijóo Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Prospects for a Materialist Informatics: An Interview with Donna Haraway Lisa Nakamura Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Reading Topographies of Post-Postmodernism: Review of Post-Postmodernism or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism by Jeffrey T. Nealon Laura Shackelford Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2015
Resistance Through Hypertext: ACTing UP in the Electronic Classroom2 Laura Sullivan Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Resisting the Interview Katherine Wills Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Sim Capital: General Intellect, World Market, Species Being, and the Video Game Nick Dyer-Witheford Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Social Worlds of the Information Society: Lessons from the Calumet Region John Monberg Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Teaching the Cyborg (5 of 5) Marc Bousquet Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
Textual Events (3 of 5) Marc Bousquet Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
The Abdication of the Cultural Elite Andrew Reynolds Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2013
The Censoring of Burn! DeeDee Halleck Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
The Digital Downside: Moving from Craft to Factory Production in Online Learning Timothy Luke Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2003
The Digital Potential: Leaving Open the Future of Scholarship and the University David Parry Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2009
The Economics of Book Reviews Jeffrey R. Di Leo Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
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