Remediating the Social (E-Book)

Critical Writing
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This is the conference proceedings for Remediating the Social, the final conference of the ELMCIP project, held at the Edinburgh College of Art on November 1-3, 2012. Download the PDF from the links at the bottom of this entry.

Contents (Critical Writing):

Title Author
Where is E-Lit in Rulinet? Natalia Fedorova
Thinking in Networks: Western/non-Western Interaction Yvonne Spielmann
The New Gamified Social Daphne Dragona
The Compelling Charm of Numbers: Writing for and thru the Network of Data Roberto Simanowski
Stringing Disturbances in Poetic Array Spaces: Reading by Close Reading Loss Pequeño Glazier
Spatial Remediations Roderick Coover
Rhizomes, Lines and Nomads: Doing Fieldwork with Creative Networked Communities Penny Travlou
Rendezvous: A Collaboration Between Art, Research and Communities Cécile Chevalier
Remediating the Social introduction Simon Biggs
Remediating English Pedagogy: Nurturing Immersive, Complex and Creative Literary Experiences for Students in Contemporary Times Angela A. Thomas
Re:Mix Mark Amerika
Re-reading the Digital: An Inquiry Through Practice Penny Florence
R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX - an artist's presentation Christine Wilks, Randy Adams, Chris Joseph
Programming for Fun, Together Nick Montfort
Players Only Love You When They’re Playin': Community as Algorithm in Programmable Poetics Chris Funkhouser, Andrew Klobucar
Out of Place: Digital In-Grouping Donna Leishman
Of People Not Machines: Authorship, Copyright and the Computer Programmer Elena Cooper
Invisible Participation: Language and the Internet Daniel C. Howe, John Cayley, Jason Huff, Mimi Cabell
Evaluating Digital Literature: Social Networks, Selection Processes and Criteria Alexandra Saemmer
Embodied Algorithms: On Space and Mobility as Structural Metaphors Romy Achituv
DIWO: Do It With Others – No Ecology without Social Ecology Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett
Derivative Writing: E-literature in the World of New Social and Economic Paradigms Janez Strehovec
Creativity as a Social Relation? James Leach
Constructs of the Interactive Documentary Image in Inside/Outside, The Unknown Territories Project, and Estuary Roderick Coover
Bootstrapping Electronic Literature: An Introduction to the ELMCIP Project Scott Rettberg
Authorial Scholarship 2.0: Tracing the Creative Process in Online Communities Leonardo L. Flores

Contents (Creative Works):

Work title Author
_The_Tem(Cor)p(oral)_Body_ Mez Breeze
The Garden Library Database Visualization Project Romy Achituv, Andres Colubri
The Final Problem Judd Morrissey
The Broadside of a Yarn J. R. Carpenter
Textual Skyline Jason Nelson
Small Uncomfortable Reading Poems Philippe Bootz
Search Trilogy Johannes Auer, Beat Suter, René Bauer
Natural History Johannes Heldén
Huis Clos / No Exit Annie Abrahams
exquisite_code Brendan Howell
Duel Kate Pullinger, Andy Campbell
Common Tongues John Cayley, Daniel C. Howe
Borderline Donna Leishman
Baby Work Shu Lea Cheang
B A C K L I T Cris Cheek
Absurd in Public Aya Natalia Karpinska
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