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The aim of this paper, titled “The magnificent Seven” as an echo of the homonymous film, is to introduce the works of different authors that have been included in the Electronic Literature Collection (vol. II) and that are not in English. Following the panel that the ELO introduced in Maryland that opened the e-lit works in languages other that English, here the step has moved convincingly forward since 12 authors from countries such as Brazil, Portugal, France, Israel, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Perú, México, Catalonia and Spain have been introduced in the vastest English corpus. Some of these authors write in English or have had their works translated into English (Tisselli, Berkehenger, Kruglanski, etc.) but this paper, included in a specific panel that deals with e-lit works non written in English, will analyze in an exercise of “close-reading”, this “magnificent seven” works in Romance languages on the collection: Isaías Herrero’s La casa sota el temps and Universo molécula, Doménico Chiappe’s Tierra de extracción, Ton Ferret’s The fuguebook, Chico Marinho et al. Palavrador and Amor de Clarice and Poemas no meio du caminho by Rui Torres. It is interesting to see the sort of different variety of digital literature that emerges from the comparison.

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