Live Performance, Voicescapes, and Remixing the Under Language: Sounds and Voices at the End(s) of Electronic Literature

Abstract (in English): 

This panel responds to the conference theme: “The end(s) of electronic literature” with three approaches, in theory and practice, for the use of sound as the basis for new forms of electronic literature.

These approaches are sound composition for intermedia, digital manipulation of the voice in new media writing, and remixing the under language of pioneering works of electronic literature. Each panel participant will present and discuss one of these different approaches.

Historically, sound has been overlooked, or worse, ignored, as a component of electronic literature. The “end(s)” of e-lit explored in this panel may provide new and interesting opportunities, however, to investigate and ameliorate this oversight.

In brief, this panel argues that live coding and live algorithms for generative text and sound, along with digital manipulation of voice, offer new approaches to new media writing. These can also be mixed or remixed with previous content and/or techniques to provide new forms of e-literature.

(Source: ELO 2015 Conference Catalog)

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Hannah Ackermans