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The study of what is collectively labeled "New Media"—the cultural and artistic practices made possible by digital technology—has become one of the most vibrant areas of scholarly activity and is rapidly turning into an established academic field, with many universities now offering it as a major. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media is the first comprehensive reference work to which teachers, students, and the curious can quickly turn for reliable information on the key terms and concepts of the field. The contributors present entries on nearly 150 ideas, genres, and theoretical concepts that have allowed digital media to produce some of the most innovative intellectual, artistic, and social practices of our time. The result is an easy-to-consult reference for digital media scholars or anyone wishing to become familiar with this fast-developing field. (Source: JHUP website)

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Title Author
Algorithm Bethany Nowviskie
Animated Poetry Philippe Bootz
Animation/Kineticism Brian Kim Stefans
Archive Katherine D. Harris
Artificial Life Simon Penny
Augmented Reality Jay David Bolter
Avatars Bjarke Liboriussen
Biopoetry Eduardo Kac
Blogs Ruth Page
Cave John Cayley
Cell Phone Novel Larissa Hjorth
Chatterbots Ragnhild Tronstad
Chatterbots Ragnhild Tronstad
Code Mark C. Marino
Code Mark C. Marino
Collaborative Narrative Scott Rettberg
Combinatory and Automatic Text Generation Philippe Bootz, Chris Funkhouser
Copyright Benjamin J. Robertson
Cyberpunk Lisa Swanstrom
Dialogue Systems Jichen Zhu
Digital Poetry Leonardo L. Flores
Early Digital Art and Writing Chris Funkhouser
Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg
Electronic Literature Organization Marjorie C. Luesebrink
Email Novel Jill Walker Rettberg
Ethics in Digital Media Charles Ess
Gameplay Jesper Juul
Gender and Media Use Ruth Page
Gender Representation Kim Knight
Glitch Aesthetics Lori Emerson
Hoaxes Jill Walker Rettberg
Interactive Fiction Emily Short
Life History Ruth Page
Linking Strategies Susana Pajares Tosca
Materiality Anna Munster
Nonlinear Writing Astrid Ensslin
Story Generation Pablo Gervás
Subversion Davin Heckman

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