The Exquisite Corpus: Issues in Electronic Literature

Abstract (in English): 

A One Hour Video-Essay by Talan Memmott featuring interviews with 17 scholars and practitioners of electronic literature.

Futures and Foci, Platforms and Politics, The Human Problem, Senses and Screens, Reading and Writing.

Topics include:

does electronic literature have a future?
is google the end of of the world?
what is in-between text and image?
where is the author and what is a scholar?
can there be a national e-literature?
what is the attraction of touch technologies?
what is the place of digital poetics in global politics?
is it possible to conceal intent?

Featuring: Mark Amerika, Simon Biggs, Serge Bouchardon, J. R. Carpenter, John Cayley, Cris Cheek, Maria Engberg, Jerome Fletcher, Maria Mencia, Nick Montfort, Jörg Piringer, Jill Walker Rettberg, Scott Rettberg, Alexandra Saemmer, Roberto Simanowski, Christine Wilks, Jaka Železnikar

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