ELO 2015 Conference Program and Festival Catalog (e-Pub)

Abstract (in English): 

This is the e-Pub version of the ELO 2015 The End(s) of Electronic Literature Conference Program and Festival Catalog. It includes abstracts to all workshops, roundtable discussions, lightning talks, research papers and panels, readings, performances and screenings, and exhibitions that are part of ELO 2015. For more information, see the individual elements of the programme.


Contents (Critical Writing):

Title Author
Literary Spamming in Games: Cold Dust in Lord of the Rings Online and Endgame in Counter-Strike Sandy Baldwin
Live Performance, Voicescapes, and Remixing the Under Language: Sounds and Voices at the End(s) of Electronic Literature John F. Barber, Hazel Smith, Roger Dean
Live Writing Otso Huopaniemi
Locative Audio Play Jon Hoem
Motions in Digital Young Adult Literature Ayoe Quist Henkel
Multimedia Authoring in Scalar Samantha Gorman
Murmurs, Open Corpus of Online Written Poetry – The End of Isolated Poems José Aburto
Narrative Theory after Electronic Literature Daniel Punday
Narrative, Affect and Materialist Aesthetics in Post-Digital Technotexts Eric Dean Rasmussen
On Landscape as an Interface: Textuality, Walking Practices and Augmented Location in Notes for Walking Megan Heyward
p2p: Polish-Portuguese E-Lit André Sier, Silvestre Pestana, Rui Torres, E. M. de Melo e Castro, Pedro Barbosa, Manuel Portela, Józef Żuk Piwkowski, Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak
Performance Art, Experimental Poetry and Electronic Literature in Portugal: An Intermedial Archive to an Intermedial Practice of Language Sandra Guerreiro Dias, Bruno Ministro
Protest Bots Mark Sample
Publishing without a Publisher's Peritext: Electronic Literature, the Web, and Paratextual Integrity Patricia Tomaszek
Reading Apps: An Exploratory Research on Children’s E-lit Reading Profiles Lucas Ramada Prieto
Reading, Seeing, and Sensing: The Internet of Things Makes Literature Elizabeth Losh
Remediating a Hyperfiction in ePub3: When Digital Literature Meets Publishing Models - The Case of Children’s Literature with The Tower of Jezik Nolwenn Trehondart, Émilie Barbier
Renderings: An E-Lit Translation Project Nick Montfort
Research and Practice in Electronic Poetry in Ireland Anne Sofia Karhio, Jeneen Naji, Michael J. Maguire, James O’Sullivan
Revisiting the Spam Folder: Using 419-fiction for Interactive Storytelling. A Practical Introduction Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle
Rhematics and the Literariness of Electronic Literature Velimatti Karhulahti
Running Out of Time: The Strategies of Ending in Digital Fictions Raine Koskimaa
Sonic Sculpture Taras Mashtalir
The Challenge of Visuality for Electronic Literature Donna Leishman
The Digital Diasthima: Time-Lapse Reading as Critical and Creative Performance Álvaro Seiça
The Electronic Literature, How, When, Where Lello Masucci, Roberta Iadevaia
The Ends of Publishing Todd Taylor, Andrew Morrison, Cheryl E. Ball
The Generative Literature Project & 21st Century Literacies Mia Zamora
The Interactive Character as a Black Box Christine Wilks
The Many Ends of Network Fictions: Gamebooks, Hypertexts, Visual Novels, Games and Beyond Jeremy Douglass
The Myth of the End of a Myth Philippe Bootz
The Numberlys: An Interplay Between History, Urban Life and Technology in a Children’s Story App Ture Schwebs
The Poets' Dream Database Rachael Katz
The Practice of Research: A Methodology for Practice-Based Exploration of Digital Writing Lyle Skains
The Public Life of Electronic Literature: Writers’ Festivals Online Simone Murray
The Road to Assland: The Demoscene and Electronic Literature Piotr Marecki
The S.I.C. Method and the Great Open Novel: An Unconventional Method for a Conventional End Renato Nicassio
This Is Not the Beginning or the End of Literature Sandra Bettencourt, Diogo Marques, Ana Marques da Silva
To Teach Reading by Playing (with) the Literary Wor(l)d: On Kid E-literature and Literacy Agnieszka Przybyszewska
Touch and Decay: Tomasula's TOC on iOS Kathi Inman Berens
Toward Understanding Real-World Social Impacts of Avatars D. Fox Harrell, Dominic Kao, Chong-U Lim
Translating E-poetry: Still Avant-Garde José Molina
Watching Textual Screens Then and Now: A Cinema/E-Lit Conversation Steven Wingate
What Comes After Electronic Literature? Steven Wingate, Leonardo L. Flores, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Xiana Sotelo, Augustine Abila, Mark Sample, José Molina, Daria Petrova, Natalia Fedorova, Judd Morrissey, José Aburto, Andrew Klobucar, David Clark, Damon Loren Baker
Written. Not Found. Not Generated. Not Random. Jason Edward Lewis

Contents (Creative Works):

Work title Author
Falling Angels Alexroma
Fifth Demo Kaz
Fish Net Stockings Joellyn Rock, Alison Aune
Focus Irina Ivannikova, Maxim Kalmykov
From Beyond John Thomas Murray, Anastasia Salter
Front Donna Leishman
Gateway to the World María Mencía
Google Earth: A Poem for Voice and Internet Manuel Portela
High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese Nicola Harwood, Fred Wah, Jin Zhang, Bessie Wapp, Thomas Loh, Simon Lysander, Tomoyo Ihaya, Phillip Djwa, Hiromoto Ida, Patrice Leung
House of Trust Stephanie Strickland, Ian Hatcher
if-notNow, if-then-when-else Alinta Krauth
Inextrinsix: Multilingual, Collaborative Digital Poems Penny Florence, Paolo Totaro
infloresence.city Loren Schmidt, Everest Pipkin
Inside the Distance Sharon Daniel
Jakob og Neikob Kari Stai
Kjell Theøry Judd Morrissey
Księga Słów Wszystkich - The Book of All Words Józef Żuk Piwkowski
Kubbe Lager Skyggeteater Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Kuryokhin: Second Life Michael Kurtov
Labyrinth… Jakub Jagiełło, Laura Lech
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