Electronic Literature: Where Is It?

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 Countering Andrew Gallix's suggestion in a Guardian blog essay, "Is e-literature just one big anti-climax," that electronic literature is finished, Dene Grigar proposes that it may not be e-lit, but rather the institution of humanities teaching, that is in a state of crisis. And e-lit, she proposes, could be well placed to revive the teaching of literature in schools and universities.The title of Grigar's essay was adapted by the Electronic Literature Organization 2012 Conference Planning Committee in its call for proposals.

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[R]ather than focus our attention on the tired old question, is elit dead?, isn't our time better spent finding ways to bring elit to the classroom, to help promote it in the contemporary literary scene, and support artists who produce it so that it can foster and bolster literary sensibilities and literacies of future generations?

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