Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One


Contents (Creative Works):

Work title Author
Soliloquy Kenneth Goldsmith
Star Wars, One Letter at a Time Brian Kim Stefans
Stir Fry Texts Jim Andrews, Brian Lennon, Pauline Masurel
Storyland Nanette Wylde
Strings Dan Waber
Stud Poetry Marko Niemi
Tao Alan Sondheim, Reiner Strasser
The Cape J. R. Carpenter
The Dreamlife of Letters Brian Kim Stefans
The Fall of the Site of Marsha Rob Wittig
The Jew's Daughter Judd Morrissey
The Set of U / La Série des U Philippe Bootz, Marcel Frémiot
Translation John Cayley
Twelve Blue Michael Joyce
Urbanalities Chris Joseph, escha
When you reach Kyoto Geniwate, Brian Kim Stefans
White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Loss Pequeño Glazier
windsound John Cayley
wotclock John Cayley
[theHouse] Mary Flanagan
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