Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries

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In this revolutionary and highly original work, poet-scholar Glazier investigates the ways in which computer technology has influenced and transformed the writing and dissemination of poetry. In Digital Poetics, Loss Glazier argues that the increase in computer technology and accessibility, specifically the World Wide Web, has created a new and viable place for the writing and dissemination of poetry. Glazier's work not only introduces the reader to the current state of electronic writing but also outlines the historical and technical contexts out of which electronic poetry has emerged and demonstrates some of the possibilities of the new medium. Glazier examines three principal forms of electronic textuality: hypertext, visual/kinetic text, and works in programmable media. He considers avant-garde poetics and its relationship to the on-line age, the relationship between web "pages" and book technology, and the way in which certain kinds of web constructions are in and of themselves a type of writing. With convincing alacrity, Glazier argues that the materiality of electronic writing has changed the idea of writing itself. He concludes that electronic space is the true home of poetry and, in the 20th century, has become the ultimate "space of poesis."

(Source: University of Alabama Press catalog.)

"Digital poetics: the making of e-poetry" is an introduction to the making of the new digital poetries where the reader gets insight of how poetry has established itself in new fields with the use of different types of coding. Glazier also writes about new posibilities and how they have emerged as the development of the technology continued and how the things that seemed impossible to do before has made its way into todays technology. The book delves into the past of digital poetry, how its been changing and developed throughout the years. giving the reader an understanding of how e-poetry has become what it is today.

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The continued importance of print notwithstanding, poetry has a current engagement with electronic technology. The electronic medium offers unprecedented opportunities for the production, archiving, and distribution of poetry texts, all possible with present technology. Several computer poetry production efforts were made from 1980-1990 yet during that decade poetry's victories in the electronic realm remained scattered and the texts themselves often proved elusive.

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