A dictionary of the revolution (presentation)

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This is a talk about police. The text is read by Alex from A dictionary of the revolution, a multi-media project that attempted to document the evolving language of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

The project's digital publication contains 125 texts, woven from the voices of hundreds of people who were asked to define words used frequently in conversations in public from 2011-2014. Material for the dictionary was collected in Egypt from March to August 2014.

Nearly 200 participants reacted to vocabulary cards containing 160 terms, talking about what the words meant to them, who they heard using them, and how their meanings had changed since the revolution. The text of the dictionary is woven from transcription of this speech.

The project's digital publication is accessible in Arabic and English translation at http://qamosalthawra.com. The website also gives access to an archive of edited sound clips, images, and transcriptions.

A dictionary of the revolution won the 2019 Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature, the 2018 New Media Writing Prize, and the 2017 Artraker Award for Changing the Narrative.

Source: ELO 2020

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