Becoming Digital

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A circular interview on "Becoming Digital" conducted by J. R. Carpenter, with responses from Brian Stefans, Stuart Moulthrop, Darren Wershler, David Jhave Johnston, Lori Emerson, Nick Montfort, and Stephanie Strickland in an anthology on experimental poetics edited by Amy De'Ath and Fred Wah, out now from Banff Centre Press.

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Charged with representing the digital aspects of the In(ter)ventions program in this anthology I determined to ask a number of past faculty, guests, and participants a variation on one question. A question of becoming. The idea being that one person's answer might leads into the next person's question.

If I were asking myself the sort of question I have in mind, it might be something like: How does your web-based work come from the photocopy machine?

J. R. Carpenter

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HTML Tim Berners-Lee 1991
Python 1991
BASIC 1964

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In(ter)ventions: Literary practice at the Edge 18.02.2010
The Banff Centre Banff , AB
Alberta CA
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