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Yuefu is a poetry generation system using OpenAI’s GPT, a Generative Pre-Trained natural language model pretrained on Chinese newspapers, that is fine-tuned with classical Chinese poetry. The developers write in their paper describing the system that it does not use "human crafted rules or features," or "any additional neural components". The system can generate poems in various formal, classical styles.  

The example shown is translated by Ru-Ping Cheng and Jeff Ding for the ChinAI newsletter. It is an example of Cang Tou Shi, a Chinese version of acrostic poems. "In this case," the translator explains, "the first words of each line form the title of the poem: 神经网络 (neural networks)." Some other examples of the system's output are shown in a preprint published by the system's creators, and a translation of a Chinese newspaper article (entered into ELMCIP) provides translations of more examples.  

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Neural Networks

Allocating divine status to a soul that has passed—it is natural,
Like the classics that preserve the virtues of ancient wisdom.
The astray scripts of the internet try earnestly to preserve their legacies,
A newfound literary wisdom that shall be passed down for centuries.

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A demo of the system can be accessed on WeChat. The developers write that to test it, one should register a Wechat account and add “EI体验空间” or “诺亚实验室”.

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Screenshot of one of the generated poems in Chinese
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Jill Walker Rettberg