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SpeidiShow was LiveTweeting about an imaginary reality TV Show. It’s a creative social media game and a transmedia narrative that spanned Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and QuickenLoans. The project included a cast of barrel of writers including: Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Cathy Podeszwa, Jean Sramek, Betsy Boyd, Skye McIlvaine-Jones, Davin Heckman, Jeff T. Johnson, Claire Donato, Ian Clarkson, Sarah-Anne Joulie, Chloe Smith. The logo was designed by Rick Valicenti, 3st, and the site was designed by Rob Wittig and Matt Olin. (Source: ELO Conference 2014)

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Homepage of SpeidiShow, styled to a tabloidd newspaper
Tweet by Spencer Pratt announcing the next episode of SpeidiShow
Tweet by Spencer Pratt announcing the next episode will be about relationship advice
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Thor Baukhol Madsen