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The Reading Glove is the first component of a research program called the TUNE Project (Tangible, Ubiquitous, Narrative Environment). Karen and Josh Tanenbaum describe TUNE as a story, a space, a game, and a research instrument that investigates questions of interactive narrative, player modeling, adaptivity, and tangible embodied interaction.

The Reading Glove itself has gone through several iterations. Version 1.0 consisted of a wearable RFID-enabled glove and tagged objects that allowed readers to experience an interactive narrative by picking up objects that have been augmented with story fragments.  There is a video of Reading Glove 1.0 and details of the design process on our blog.

For Reading Glove 2.0 we added a tabletop display and a recommendation engine the helped to guide readers through assembling the distributed narrative. This version has its own video and its development is also documented on the blog. In the summer and fall of 2010 we ran a series of user studies exploring how participants experienced the adaptive system and object-based narrative.

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