Present views of past streets - Stockholm

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An imagined walk through associating sound taken on location (but at a different time) to a recorded digital walk on Google Maps.

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Expanded video work that deals with the subjective experience of walking through an urban space that you've never physically been to.

As I did in Sardinia, I recorded a tour in Google Street View while still in Cologne, Germany - and without ever having been to Stockholm. As a sound layer, my own voice was recorded, commenting sensations, observations and the sounds that I would imagine to experience while walking through the actual neighbourhood.

During a short residency in Stockholm, I proceeded to take the exact same tour as I had virtually, and record the sound with in-ear-microphones, capturing the spatial atmosphere. In the last step, the recording was added to the video, merging different layers of time and space as well.


present views on past streets - Stockholm

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Maud Ceuterick