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Web based interactive generative language artwork

This version of the Book of Books idea reverses the technique of inserting words into the text at the text-rollover location of the mouse and instead appends words simultaneously at the beginning and end of the body of text. As it does so it ensures that the text remains grammatically correct in both directions, applying generative grammar algorithms developed in the artists earlier works, including "Great Wall of China" and "Halo", that work in both the usual forward mode and introduces the facility to write in reverse.
Designed for both the web and as a performative piece, the work only writes when the reader remains still. In the performance version of the piece a video camera is connected to a computer which monitors the audience standing or seated before the work. Any movement by the audience is recognised and a message is sent to another computer which is writing and displaying the text on a large video projection before the audience. If an audience movement is sensed the writing process is temporarily frozen until the audience once again reverts to a still state. If the audience remains still for long enough the text extends itself both forwards and backwards to the point where to fit all the words on the screen it has reached an unreadable 1 point font size. This requires the audience to remain stationary for approximately 20 minutes all together

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Simon Biggs