Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

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The game begins as Agent Nelson Tethers, the sole member of the Puzzle Research Division of the FBI, is given his first field assignment. The factory that produces the erasers used by the White House has stopped production; any attempts to contact the factory are met with bizarre puzzles. Tethers must visit the factory in Scoggins, Minnesota and get it running again.

In Scoggins, Tethers is told that the factory was closed after an unidentified accident, and that the factory's foreman, Isaac Davner, hasn't been seen since. Further investigation is impossible because the factory is sealed by a complex lock requiring three keys.

Tethers' search for the keys and for additional clues to Isaac's whereabouts is hindered by mysterious gnome-like creatures called the Hidden People by the townspeople. The Hidden People seem to be supported by a local lodge called the Brotherhood of Scoggins. The lodge head, Bjorn, tells Tethers that the Hidden People have “chosen” Isaac, though he is unable to explain exactly what that means.

Finally, Tethers gains entry to the factory. Inside, he finds Isaac, driven mad by puzzles given to him by the Hidden People. Tethers tries to rescue Isaac, but the Hidden People drag Isaac off before he can be saved. The factory starts back up soon afterward. Back in Washington, Tethers is congratulated for his work, and is reminded that the disappearance of Isaac is a matter for local law enforcement.

The story continues in the sequel, Puzzle Agent 2.

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Gameplay: Tethers (player) in conversation with anotehr character—text is shown in a speech bubble,
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