My Summer Vacation

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This haunting narrative about a summer vacation turned tragic uses a slim strip of moving images as the background for a stream of language flowing from right to left as a series of voices tell a piece of the story. The sound of waves on the shore serve as a soothing aural backdrop to each character’s whispered voices, perhaps suggestive of what happens when the sea raises its voice. Each character involved with the tragic turn of events brings a different perspective to the situation, yet they are all so involved in their own affairs, much like the ending of Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out.” In the final lines of the poem, as the speaker (whisperer) seeks to tie up the events in a neat little package that can provide closure, we realize that closure eludes all the characters in the story, who must continue to live on haunted by their memories and regrets.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

My Summer Vacation was originally published via Adobe Flash in 2008. It was republished via HTML5 in 2020.

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