Michigan Agricultural College Tour

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This is a tour of Michigan Agricultural College that is told as though the year is 1918. Readers access the tour through the geo-social network service Gowalla on their smart phones, and can check off each building or site as they physically visit it. The tour can also be read on the web. The tour is presented by the fictional Gowalla user Erasmus Cole, a third year student at the Michigan Agricultural College and part of the class of 1919, and he and other fictional characters have also posted photos and comments on each site as though in the year 1918. This work uses standard features of Gowalla to present a fictionalized, historical documentary tour through the college campus. As readers and random Gowalla users visit the site, their comments intermingle with comments from the fictional characters. 

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We had so many students that we were made to share beds, but that's how I became such good friends with Charles, my bed mate.

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Other contributors were involved in addition to Katy Meyer, but their names are not specified.

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Jill Walker Rettberg