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#mathaeata is a book of experimental math poetry. Poems based on mathematics, especially mathematical equations. It is a clear alternative approach to postmodern creation.

"Rochallyi's mathematical equation poetry is something you haven't seen. It is an interesting, original, new processing of poetic text. It is a book that I recommend to anyone who is interested in the boundaries of poetry and its possible limits." Győri Balázs

"Equations and poetry; two things concrete in the world, often misunderstood only as metaphors, are nothing less than rescued, bonded, and elevated here, in a luminous mathaeata. Radoslav Rochallyi builds a poetry in mathematical terms, situating a droll humour laced with Nietzchean declaration within the context of brilliantly innovative visual design. Man is a four dimensional being, so states Rochallyi, and we'd have to be, to make maths poems sing like this." Steven J. Fowler

"Rochallyi’s poetry is a glorious fusion of logic and emotion, a treasure hunt to find truth in an alternate world." Julianne Ingles

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Radoslav Rochallyi- # mathaeata
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