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Breeze developed, and continues to write in, the hybrid language mezangelle. Her unorthodox use of language demonstrates the ubiquity of digitization and the intersections of the digital and the real that are increasingly common in 21st century life. As well as creating static literary texts using mezangelle, Breeze also creates multi-disciplinary multimedia works online, and participates in online happenings that blur the lines between on- and off-line behavior.

(Source: Traumawien publisher's catalog).

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i always create smaller, more net-directed pieces which i term either net.wurks or these largely text/code based pieces are constructed using the hybrid code/poetic dynamic [language] entitled mezangelle which is constructed via a mixture of code splicing [ie fragments of programming language-shards - mostly Perl - + operating system & email formats, tree/directory-structures -- wildcard references, booleanisms, unix shell commands, html -- java script conventions and ascii] and parsed poetic language including repeated allusions to hyperlinks via bracketings of meanings and word splicing.

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