Epitaph Gertrude Stein

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Rules of the game. An international epitaph is to be created in honour of Gertrude Stein, who died on 27 July 1946. The subject prescribed for this international epitaph is the last (No. LXXXIII) of the Stanzas in meditation ("Why am I if I am..."). We are looking for textual, audio and grafic elaborations of the theme. The texts should, like the prescribed stanza, consist of fourteen lines/verses. The last verse must read: These stanzas are done. It is left to the individual author wether he/she follow the structure of the prescribed stanza by Gertrude Stein (diminishing/increasing length of line, rhymes, etc.) or react to other texts of the Epitaph in free association. The text should at any event be written in the author's mother tongue and if possible accompanied by the rough translation or a free version in German. The audio creations must for technical reasons be noted in letters. Graphic contributions should not exceed to format 30 x 30 cm.

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Johannes Auer