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This suite of 20 short pieces, is focused on technologies and codes left behind in the ever accelerating change of computer systems. Thuan describes it as “a requiem without mourning, sorrowing or lamenting since they are always recycled and resurrected, by one way or another, in different signifiers.” And indeed, some of these pieces use codes and HTML functionality already passé and mostly forgotten in 2006, such as pop up windows, link mouseovers to reveal texts through improved color contrast, frames, tables, menu windows, and so on. This isn’t just nostalgia, however, because Thuan is able to shake us up with scans (real or simulated?) of our browser cache or computer’s hard drive to reveal porn, options that may or may not send information about ourselves or our computer system (our digital self) to sources we may not trust, and other procedures that remind us that just because we cannot see the code doesn’t mean it isn’t there, active and readable. He also reminds us of code with texts in a hybrid of natural and computer language reminiscent of Mez Breeze’s mezangelle. Overall, this work leads us to meditate on numerous issues surrounding ourselves and signification in digital environments. (Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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