The Dreamlife of Letters

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A Flash animation, based on a text by Rachel Blau DuPlessis, that attempts to explore the ground between classic concrete poetry, avant-garde feminist practice, and "ambient" poetics (that's really just plain fun to watch).

(Source: Author's Description from ELC Vol. 1)

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On a five year old i-book, the sporulation [in "Dreamlife of Letters"] is clearly visible; on a recent macbook, the animation is run slightly faster, and the sporulation seems less visible; on a more powerful non-portable computer, it becomes even imperceptible! In this particular case, the reader is given no opportunity to grasp the meaning the author wants to convey. He is not even able to guess it, for there is no theoretical paratext to warn him about the fact that certain surface events may become invisible (qtd. in Saemmer "Aesthetics of Surface, Ephemeral and Re-Enchantment in Digital Literature" 482).

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Dreamlife of Letters
Dreamlife of Letters
Dreamlife of Letters
Dreamlife of Letters
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