Digital: A Love Story

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A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988. I can guarantee at least ONE of the following is a real feature: discover a vast conspiracy lurking on the internet, save the world by exploiting a buffer overflow, get away with telephone fraud, or hack the Gibson! Which one? You'll just have to dial in and see. Welcome to the 20th Century.

(Source: Authors's statement, ELC3)


Christine Love’s Digital: A Love Story is a visual novel set “five-minutes into the future of 1988” and invites the player back into the early days of the Internet through the interface of an Amiga-esque computer. The graphical interface of white text on a blue background accompanies the metaphor of the local BBS (bulletin board system) as a happening space for conspiracy and flirting. All the core interaction takes place through dialing into this system, which has multiple characters and threads that can be explored through sending out replies to advance the story. The work is strongly grounded in early hacker culture and William Gibsen-inspired models of artificial intelligence.

(Source: Editorial Statement, ELC3)

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Windows, Mac, and Linux versions available (downloadalbe at ELC3 site).

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