A Dictionary of the Revolution

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A Dictionary of the Revolution documents the rapid amplification of public political speech following the uprising of 25 January 2011 in Egypt.

Material for the Dictionary was collected in conversations with around 200 individuals in Egypt from March to August 2014. Participants reacted to vocabulary cards containing 160 words that were frequently used in political conversation, talking about what the words meant to them, who they heard using them, and how their meanings had changed since the revolution.

The Arabic website contains 125 imagined dialogues woven from transcription of this speech.

Each word is accompanied by a diagram that shows its relationship to other words in the Dictionary. The thicker the line connecting two words, the closer their relationship is. The diagrams are the result of an analysis of the complete text of the Dictionary.

(Source: About-page website)

A Dictionary of the Revolution was the winner of the 2018 New Media Writing Prize.

Screen shots: 
Screenshot of the work's circular navigation menu with no terms selected, connected with aqua lines
Screenshot showing the terms linked to 'the people', circular diagram with dark blue connection
Screenshot of work with the term 'the people'; text is displayed to the right in a blue modal menu.
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