Campbell's Soup Town

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This piece was commissioned as part of the Edge of Elsewhere project in 2010 and exhibited in January 2011 in the Campbelltown Arts Centre near Sydney, Australia. As part of the project, the Campbelltown City Council announced workshops with YHCHI as follows:

In the iconic text animation style of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, the finished work will tell a story of a futuristic city, dreamt up by participants using the animations they develop in the workshops.

The resulting narrative is deliciously absurd story of a town taken over by Campbell’s soup company where”everything is made from soup and for soup.” The narrative that follows is a wicked critique of neoliberalism, factory towns, corporate appropriation of the world, pop and op art, with reverse Soylent Green undertones andcould be described as a kind of science fiction magical realism. The original electronica music is kitschy enough to be described as cheesy (pardon the pun, but this piece is full of them), enhancing its self aware campiness.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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