Bust Down the Door Again! Gates of Hell-Victoria Version

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A remix of the original "Bust Down the Doors!" (2000) and exhibited in the Rodin Gallery at the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul."Consisting of stacked refrigerators with monitors affixed on them, this work is a parody of Auguste Rodin’s monumental sculpture of the same title that is permanently installed in the space." (Description from the website of Artist Pension Trust)
"Bust Down the Doors!" by YHC uses their trademark of flashing text over a background with music that changes to the tone of the message. In this specific piece, the music begins with a relaxing tune in a bedroom but once the story shifts to its dramatic scenes of death and torture, the tune becomes fast-paced and chaotic. The interesting aspect of this work is the subtitles in both Korean and English, as it tells the story twice, each time with a different language being displayed as the header. The piece draws its readers into an abstract dream-like world with music that mesmerizes and a story that is both intriguing and disturbing. Yet another important contribution to e-lit by YHC, incorporating an interesting narrative with combinations of literature, music, and photos--mashing it all up to make wonderful works. (Description by ELMCIP Reviewer, Dakota Adkins)

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Meri Alexandra Raita