Beyond Tomorrow

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"Beyond Tomorrow" is an interactive text-based science fiction game made in Twine. The player assumes control of a wealthy business empire whose goal is to lead a successful expansion into space. The story revolves around the different choices and consequences one must face when encountering new planets and worlds. The game includes four unique planets that each has its different expansion possibilities and conflicts. The style of play is entirely up to the player and allows for either a violent or peaceful playthrough, as well as a combination of the two. Some of the themes explored in the game are power, imperialism, law and order, and warfare. 
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The game uses the network hypertext structure and includes loop passages to avoid a complete restart after finishing one storyline. Several passages also use a 'either' function that allows them to have different outcomes.

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Beyond Tomorrow opening passage
Space exploration passage showing four different planets the player can explore
Warfare passage describing a conflict on one of the planets
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