All Roads

Description (in English): 

Venice. The tight winding alleys and long dirty canals. Easy to become lost here, where every street emerges somewhere unexpected. In the central square a scaffold has been erected for your neck, and if only you can escape for long enough you might survive, but in this city all roads lead back to Piazza San Marco and the Hanging Clock.

(Source: Author's description from Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1)

Technical notes: 

Instructions: Type commands at the ">" prompt and press enter to control the character and advance the storyline. Commands take the form of simple imperatives like "take lamp," "open door," "examine footprints," "wear blindfold." Typing a principal directions, for instance, "north," "east," or "south," moves the character. Typing "inventory" or just "i" will list the objects your character is carrying, while typing "look" or "l" will provide a description of the current location. Non-player characters may be spoken to by typing "talk to" followed by the name of the person. Typing "save" will save current progress to a file, which can later be loaded by typing "restore." Type "help" for additional help.

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