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A Survey of Electronic Literature Collections María Goicoechea, Luis Pablo Nuñez
CELL ROUNDTABLE - The Consortium for Electronic Literature Sandy Baldwin, Maria Angel, Leonardo L. Flores, Anna Gibbs, María Goicoechea, Robert Kalman, Eric Dean Rasmussen, Johannah Rodgers, Patricia Tomaszek, Rui Torres
Code Mark C. Marino
Creativity is something for hairdressers - so what is it for writers? Why the differentiation of 'literature' and 'writing' is obsolete, and what the Internet has to do with it Florian Cramer
Digital Games and Electronic Literature: Toward an Intersectional Analysis Patrick Jagoda
Entrevista a Pedro Barbosa Pedro Barbosa
Grande Enquête Delphine Riss, Cécile Bucher
Holopoetry, Biopoetry and Digital Literature: Close Reading and Terminological Debates Roberto Simanowski
In[ter]venting Multi-Modal Rhetoric(s)/(a) Poetics of Emergence Talan Memmott
Justificação Metodológica da Taxonomia do Arquivo Digital da Literatura Experimental Portuguesa Manuel Portela, Rui Torres, Maria do Carmo Castelo branco de Sequeira
Limbo and the Edge of the Literary James Brown Jr.
Out of Bounds: Searching Deviated Literature in Audiovisual Electronic Environments Claudia Kozak
Proxecto le.ex
Teaching the Cybertext Taxonomy with Dice Jill Walker Rettberg
The Absence and Potential of Electronic Literature Sandy Baldwin
The Guide to Nonexistent Birds: an Ornithological Logic Kavi Duvvoori
The New-Media Novel: The Intersection of Film, E-Lit & Story Steve Tomasula
Why ‘But is it e-lit?’ Is a Ridiculous Question: The Case for Online Journals as Organic, Evolving Works of Digital Literature David Thomas Prater
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