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(R)Evolutionary Communication: Defining and Refining Digital Literature, Art and Storytelling Allegra Pietera
A New Total Work of Art Christy Dena
All Together Now: Hypertext, Collective Narrative, and Online Collective Knowledge Communities Scott Rettberg
Alternative Avenues in Digital Poetics and Post-Literary Studies Talan Memmott, Maria Damon, Claire Donato, Chris Funkhouser, Carolyn Guertin, Jeff T. Johnson, Eric Snodgrass, Alan Sondheim
And Speak of Long Ago Times Judy Malloy
BA-Tale Zuzana Husárová, Ľubomír Panák
Collaborative World Building in Networked Classrooms: Experiments in Electronic Writing and Digital Dissertations William Trent Hergenrader
Community Storytelling: Beyond the Table and onto the Digital Green Krista-Lee Malone, Casey James O’ceallaigh, Edword Flabberjackson, Andrew C. Fudge
Deikto: A Language For Interactive Storytelling Chris Crawford
Designing for Lotsa Media Christy Dena
Digital Deep-Sea Diving: navigating the narrative depths of E-lit and VR Melinda White
Digital Methodologies for Analysing and Disseminating Community Research. (A reflection on practice by the artist/researcher) María Mencía
Electrifying Detail: Writing and Reading Triggers in Textual Zoom Florentina Armaselu
Examining the Role of Micronarrative in Commercial Videogames, Art Games and Interactive Narrative Natalie Funk
Geolocative Storytelling Off the Map Kathi Inman Berens
Gone Home Steve Gaynor
Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg, Daria Tsoupikova, Arthur Nishimoto
Hey Siri, Tell Me a Story: AI, Procedural Generation, and Digital Narratives Sarah Thorne
Internet Hyperfiction: Can it ever Become a Widely Popular Artform? Nikolaj Jensen
Interview with Alan Bigelow Alan Bigelow
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