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A Hiperperiferia do Ponto: Para uma Defesa da Raposa Álvaro Seiça
A Narrative Analysis of the Use of Social Media in SKAM Jill Walker Rettberg
A világháló metaforái Zoltán Szűts
A Web Odyssey Serge Bouchardon
ACM Hypertext 2019
Archiving Ephemera – The Case of Netprov; Graphic Design in Re-Presenting Electronic Literature Rob Wittig
Art of the Pan-Opt-in-a-Con: FarmVille and the Gamification of the Digital Landscape [Original: The Tyranny of Completion; Or, How Electronic Art Can Engage the Firehose] Devin Shepherd
Blogging Jill Walker Rettberg
Borrowed country: digital media, remediation, and North American poetry in the twenty-first century. Jim McGrath
Changing Faces: An Experiment in Friendship, Ego and ID Claire Donato, Mark C. Marino
Corpus et interfaces: comment penser le partage du sens Julien Longhi
Creative Writing on the Wall: Literary Practices on Facebook Erika Fülöp
Douglas Rushkoff's New Book Silvio Lorusso
Electronic Literature as Action and Event: Participatory Culture and “The Literary” Rob Wittig, Stuart Moulthrop, Lane Hall
End Matter: Interactive Fiction and a New Linguistic Consciousness Kate Tyrol, Andrew Klobucar, Kirill Azernyi, Rebecca Rouse, Stephanie Jennings
Everything Is Going To Be OK :) Chris Rodley, Andrew Burrell
Folgen Michelle Teran
Friending the Past: The Sense of History and Social Computing Alan Liu
From ‘Cinema Envy’ to Social Media Envy? The Changing Face of Videogame Characterisation in the Age of Platformisation Rob Gallagher
Front Donna Leishman
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