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From the Digital to the Bookbound J. R. Carpenter
Transient Self-Portrait María Mencía
sc4nda1 in new media Stuart Moulthrop
Artist-Screencast with Stephanie Strickland on "Errand Upon Which We Came" Stephanie Strickland, Patricia Tomaszek
Rui Torres e Clarice Lispector: Poéticas Intermédia Débora Santos e Silva, Carlos Moraes Silva
Post-memoires Fred Murie
Read Fast, Die Young? – Interpreting Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Flash Poem Dakota Matti Kangaskoski
Le dossier est vide Stéphane Gantelet, Juliette Mézenc
Wandering Through the Labyrinth: Encountering Interactive Fiction J. Yellowlees Douglas
Minecrafted Meaning: The Rhetoric of Poetry in Game Environments Walter Iriarte
The Screener's Maps: Michel de Certeau's "Wandersmänner" and Paul Auster's Hypertextual Detective Mireille Rosello
"How It Is in Common Tongues": an interview with John Cayley and Daniel Howe Scott Rettberg, John Cayley, Daniel C. Howe
The Joy of E-Lit (Interview with Kathi Inman Berens) David Jhave Johnston, Kathi Inman Berens
What Spam Means to Network Situationism Justin Katko, Camille Paloque-Berges
Tibor Papp performance Tibor Papp
Would you let Mikhail Bakhtin smoke your text? : Dialogism and the Participative Rhetoric of Computer-mediated textual art Gavin Stewart
Reading Practices in Electronic Literature: A Dialogic Approach Cheri Crenshaw
The Risk of Reading in Digital Literary Creation Laura Borràs Castanyer, Joan Elies Adell
Played by Hyperfiction. Modes of Reading Megan Heyward's "Of Day, of Night" Hans Kristian Rustad
Meta Discourse: An Investigation into Possibilities of Meta-Fictions in the 21st Century Jennifer Roudabush
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