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This Is Not the Beginning or the End of Literature Sandra Bettencourt, Diogo Marques, Ana Marques da Silva
If the Message Is the Medium, Then There Is No End: Understanding and Defining Materiality in Representational and Communicative Practices Across Media Johannah Rodgers
Latin American Electronic Literature and Its Own Ends Claudia Kozak
Narrative, Affect and Materialist Aesthetics in Post-Digital Technotexts Eric Dean Rasmussen
Digital Fictions: Storytelling in a Material World Sarah Jane Sloane
Materiality Anna Munster
Beyond the Googlization of Literature: Writing Other Networks Lori Emerson
Text/ures: L’Objet-livre du Papier au Numérique
Barroquismos Digitais Otávio Guimarães Tavares
The Functional Point of View: New Artistic Forms for Programmed Literary Works Philippe Bootz
Spars of Language Lost at Sea Nick Montfort, Stephanie Strickland
What Does is Mean to Read Online Michel Chaouli
The Transformation of Narrative and the Materiality of Hypertext N. Katherine Hayles
Approaching the Real: Materiality in Digital Literature Yra van Dijk
The Materiality of the Intangible: Literary Metaphor in Multimodal Texts Lyle Skains
Le récit littéraire interactif. Narrativité et interactivité Serge Bouchardon
Matter of Time: Toward a Materialist Semiotics of Web Animation John David Zuern
Reorienting Narrative: E-lit as Psychogeography Illya Szilak
Close Reading und der Streit um Begriffe Roberto Simanowski
Materialities of Communication Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
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