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The Aberration of the Translator Qianxun Chen, Theadora Walsh, Lucas Baisch
Alternative Avenues in Digital Poetics and Post-Literary Studies Talan Memmott, Maria Damon, Claire Donato, Chris Funkhouser, Carolyn Guertin, Jeff T. Johnson, Eric Snodgrass, Alan Sondheim
Between Provocation and Experiment . Technical Reports and the Ecology of Scholarly Communication in the Humanities Piotr Marecki
Do You Think You're Part of This? Digital Texts and the Second Person Address Jill Walker Rettberg
E-Literature Bound to Platforms: Exploring Opportunities for Narrative Connection and Disconnection Lai-Tze Fan, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Erik Loyer, Caitlin Fisher, Will Luers
Environmental Remediation Alenda Chang
Experimental Poetics of the Asian Diaspora: Readings in Meatspace and Cyberspace Sunny S.Y. Chan
From Beyond John Thomas Murray, Anastasia Salter Igor Štromajer
Huis Clos / No Exit Annie Abrahams
Huis Clos / No Exit Annie Abrahams
Media, Genealogy, History Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Mobile Communication and the New Sense of Places: a Critique of Spatialization in Cyberculture André Lemos
Network Archaeology
New Media Writing Prize 2017
option drag Andrew Demirjian
Reading Club Annie Abrahams, Emmanuel Guez
Relocating the Literary: In Networks, Knowledge Bases, Global Systems, Material and Mental Environments Joseph Tabbi
The Aesthetic of Dissonance within Donna Leishman
The Policeman's Beard is Half-Constructed Racter, William Chamberlain
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