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"Flows Dream / Shapes Hold": Tijdsgebondenheid, Overwriting, en Remixen in Generatieve Dichtkunst Hannah Ackermans
A Performance of Reality. Handwriting and Paper in Digital Literature Yra van Dijk
Authoring 2.0: Writing Digital Culture (ENGL 5380-001) Carolyn Guertin
Authorship and agency in networked environments Simon Biggs
Authorship and Autership in the Collaborative Development Process of Text-Based Games Michael James Heron, John Townsend
Autorschaft und digitale Literatur: Geschichte, Medienpraxis und Theoriebildung Heiko Zimmermann
Autorschaft und ihre automatische Generierung Cornelia Sollfrank
Bots Maartje Smits
Der digitale Autor. Autorschaft im Zeitalter des Internets Florian Hartling
Digital Prohibition Piracy and Authorship in New Media Art Carolyn Guertin
Electricians, Wig Makers, and Staging the New Novel Steve Tomasula
Electronic Authorship, Collaboration, Community, and Practice Scott Rettberg
Electronic Literature as a Means to Overcome the Supremacy of the Author Function Heiko Zimmermann
Eviscerating the Antiseptic (Interview with Jason Nelson) Jason Nelson, David Jhave Johnston
Evolution Johannes Heldén, Håkan Jonson
Finding a Third Space for Electronic Literature: Creative Community, Authorship, Publishing, and Institutional Environments Scott Rettberg
Forms of Future Michael Joyce
Friending the Past: The Sense of History and Social Computing Alan Liu
From Lexias to Remediation: Theories of Hypertext Authorship in the 1990s Eric Dean Rasmussen
From Text to Hypertext: Decentering the Subject in Fiction, Film, the Visual Arts, and Electronic Media Silvio Gaggi
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