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Tecnologias digitais e o futuro da escrita: uma prospectiva para investigação científica Artur Matuk
The Distributed Author: Creativity In the Age of Computer Networks Christiane Heibach
Reconfiguring the Author: The Virtual Artist in Cyberspace (Keynote Address) Mark Amerika
The Aesthetics of Generative Literature: Lessons from a Digital Writing Workshop Daniel C. Howe, Braxton Soderman
Of People Not Machines: Authorship, Copyright and the Computer Programmer Elena Cooper
Reimbox Klemens Bobenhausen, Benjamin Hammerich
Quantum Authoring for "Prom Week": What We Learned Writing Six Thousand Lines of Procedurally-Driven Dialogue Aaron A. Reed
A Performance of Reality. Handwriting and Paper in Digital Literature Yra van Dijk
Forms of Future Michael Joyce
Authoring 2.0: Writing Digital Culture (ENGL 5380-001) Carolyn Guertin
Digital Prohibition Piracy and Authorship in New Media Art Carolyn Guertin
Electricians, Wig Makers, and Staging the New Novel Steve Tomasula
Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century Marjorie Perloff
The Torrent Joe Milutis
Web/Fiction/Design: A brief beta-test of this year’s winner of the ELO Awards, Caitlin Fisher’s These Waves of Girls Anja Rau
Friending the Past: The Sense of History and Social Computing Alan Liu
Electronic Authorship, Collaboration, Community, and Practice Scott Rettberg
Post-Print Fiction (ENGH 400-002) Mark Sample
Finding a Third Space for Electronic Literature: Creative Community, Authorship, Publishing, and Institutional Environments Scott Rettberg
The Institution of the Book: Why Shelley Jackson Doesn't Write Hypertext John Cayley
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