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Modernisms: A Literary Guide Peter Nicholls
Modes of production and reception of electronic literature in Latin America. An analysis of “Tierra de extracción” from Doménico Chiappe and Andreas Meier Carolina Gainza
Motions in Digital Young Adult Literature Ayoe Quist Henkel
Murmurs, Open Corpus of Online Written Poetry – The End of Isolated Poems José Aburto
Next Generation Literary Machines: The “Dynamic Network Aesthetic” of Contemporary Poetry Generators Holly Dupej
Notes on Conceptualisms Vannessa Place, Robert Fitterman
Played by Hyperfiction. Modes of Reading Megan Heyward's "Of Day, of Night" Hans Kristian Rustad
Polyaesthetics: Designing and Experiencing Digital Narratives Maria Engberg
Post-Chapter Dialogue, Gendolla and Ricardo Peter Gendolla, Francisco J. Ricardo
Process Window: Code Work, Code Aesthetics, Code Poetics Sandy Baldwin
Programming Literary Flow Jeremy Douglass
Relocating the Literary: In Networks, Knowledge Bases, Global Systems, Material and Mental Environments Joseph Tabbi
Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] Talan Memmott
Sonic Sculpture Taras Mashtalir
Subject-making and aesthetics of data practices Olga Goriunova
Technotexuality: An Interview with N. Katherine Hayles and Anne Burdick Jessica Pressman, N. Katherine Hayles, Anne Burdick
The Aesthetics and Practice of Computational Literature Daniel C. Howe, Braxton Soderman
The Aesthetics of Materiality in Electronic Literature Serge Bouchardon
The Challenge of Visuality for Electronic Literature Donna Leishman
The Ecological Thought Timothy Morton
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