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…ha perdut la veu: Some reflections on the composition of e-literature as a minor literature Jerome Fletcher
“Signature of Digital Subversion” - Joseph DeLappe’s Online-Writing Performances Gabriella Calchi-Novati
“Machine Poetics and Reading Machines: William Poundstone’s Electronic Literature and Bob Brown’s Readies” Jessica Pressman
‘Trying to See the Garden’: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hypertext Use in Composition Instruction.” Johndan Johnson-Eilola
‘Compose new Tweet’: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective on Spectatorial Performance in the Digital Age Simone Knox, Eirini Nedelkopoulou
Электронная литература: неизвестное неизвестное. Mikhail Viesel
[REVIEW] Hans Kristian Rustad: Tekstspill i hypertekst. Koherensopplevelse og sjangergjenkjennelse i lesing av multimodale hyperfiksjoner - Doktordisputas, Universitetet i Agder, 27. mars 2008 Lisbeth Klastrup, Henning Howlid Wærp
You are the one thinking this: locative poetry as deictic writing Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Writing the Ephemeral […] and Re-Enchanting the Remnants: The Lability of the Digital Device in Literary Practice Alexandra Saemmer
Writing on the World: Augmented Reading Environments Maria Engberg
Writing for the New Millennium: The Birth of Electronic Literature Robert Kendall
Word-Mixer: Computer Assistant for Creative Thinking D. V. Lyubich
Where the Senses Become a Stage and Reading is Direction: Performing the Texts of Virtual Reality and Interactive Fiction J. Yellowlees Douglas
What New Media Offers Dene Grigar
What (Cyber)reading for the (Cyber)classroom? María Goicoechea, Amelia Sanz
Weapons of the Deconstructive Masses (WDM): Whatever 'Electronic Literature' May or May Not Mean John Cayley
We Interrupt This Magazine for a Special Bulletin -- PUSH! Kevin Kelly, Gary Wolf
Was bedeutet: Online lesen? Über die Möglichkeit des Archivs im Cyberspace Michel Chaouli
Wandering Through the Labyrinth: Encountering Interactive Fiction J. Yellowlees Douglas
Visuality and Material Expressiveness in the Portuguese Experimental Poetry Rui Torres
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