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<p>A structured or unstructured group discussion.</p>

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ELO2016 panel, “Feminist Horizons” Kathi Inman Berens, Caitlin Fisher, Jessica Pressman
"'Till Algebra is Easier —': Elements of Computation in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Angus Forbes
"Learn to taste the tea on both sides": AR, Digital Ekphrasis, and a Future for Electronic Literature Robert Fletcher
A Critical Look at E-Lit John Thomas Murray, Agnieszka Przybyszewska
A framework for developing multi-modal media-spaces using AI techniques Mily Mumford, Steve Dipaola
A Language Apparatus Simon Biggs
A New Literary Information System: GPS, The Global Poetic System: Bringing Electronic Literature To The Greater Public Laura Borràs Castanyer
A Project Gutenberg Poetry Corpus Allison Parrish
A Republic of Blackboxes: Hijacking Users Devices for the Greater Good Matt Schneider
A Stitch in Twine: Platform Studies and Porting Patchwork Girl James Brown Jr.
A Tour of ELO's The NEXT Kathleen Zoller, Katya Farinsky, Betsy Hanrahan, Sarah West, Mallory Hobson, Preston Reed
A White Paper of Information Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
A Workbench for Analyzing Electronic Literature Mark C. Marino
Abandoned and Recycled Electronic Literature: Jean-Pierre Balpe’s La Disparition du Général Proust Jonathan Baillehache
Action session day 1 Nicholas Schiller, Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh
Action Session Day 2 Nicholas Schiller, Allison Parrish, Scott Rettberg, David Nuñez Ruiz, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh
Algorithmic Invention Mark Wolff
All VR’s a Stage: The Aesthetics of Immersive Mixed Reality Theater Clara Fernández-Vara, David Gochfeld, Ken Perlin
Alternative Play? Twine as a Digital Storytelling Platform Lai-Tze Fan, Anastasia Salter, Stuart Moulthrop, Sarah Laiola, Chloe Anna Milligan
Archiving Electronic Literature Beyond its End: Archiving Nordic Works at an Academic Library, a Presentation of a Collaboration in Progress within the University of Bergen Patricia Tomaszek, Aud Gjersdal
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