Remediating the Social

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The print version of the conference proceedings for Remediating the Social, the final conference of the ELMCIP project. An ebook version also exists and is freely downloadable.

Other editions

Title Edition Year
Remediating the Social (E-Book) 2012

Contents (Critical Writing)

Title Author
Authorial Scholarship 2.0: Tracing the Creative Process in Online Communities Leonardo L. Flores
Bootstrapping Electronic Literature: An Introduction to the ELMCIP Project Scott Rettberg
Constructs of the Interactive Documentary Image in Inside/Outside, The Unknown Territories Project, and Estuary Roderick Coover
Creativity as a Social Relation? James Leach
Derivative Writing: E-literature in the World of New Social and Economic Paradigms Janez Strehovec
DIWO: Do It With Others – No Ecology without Social Ecology Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett
Embodied Algorithms: On Space and Mobility as Structural Metaphors Romy Achituv
Evaluating Digital Literature: Social Networks, Selection Processes and Criteria Alexandra Saemmer
Invisible Participation: Language and the Internet Daniel C. Howe, John Cayley, Jason Huff, Mimi Cabell
Of People Not Machines: Authorship, Copyright and the Computer Programmer Elena Cooper
Out of Place: Digital In-Grouping Donna Leishman
Players Only Love You When They’re Playin': Community as Algorithm in Programmable Poetics Chris Funkhouser, Andrew Klobucar
Programming for Fun, Together Nick Montfort
R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX - an artist's presentation Christine Wilks, Randy Adams, Chris Joseph
Re-reading the Digital: An Inquiry Through Practice Penny Florence
Re:Mix Mark Amerika
Remediating English Pedagogy: Nurturing Immersive, Complex and Creative Literary Experiences for Students in Contemporary Times Angela A. Thomas
Remediating the Social introduction Simon Biggs
Rendezvous: A Collaboration Between Art, Research and Communities Cécile Chevalier
Rhizomes, Lines and Nomads: Doing Fieldwork with Creative Networked Communities Penny Travlou
Spatial Remediations Roderick Coover
Stringing Disturbances in Poetic Array Spaces: Reading by Close Reading Loss Pequeño Glazier
The Compelling Charm of Numbers: Writing for and thru the Network of Data Roberto Simanowski
The New Gamified Social Daphne Dragona
Thinking in Networks: Western/non-Western Interaction Yvonne Spielmann
Where is E-Lit in Rulinet? Natalia Fedorova

Contents (Creative Works)

Work title Author
Absurd in Public Aya Natalia Karpinska
B A C K L I T Cris Cheek
Baby Work Shu Lea Cheang
Borderline Donna Leishman
Common Tongues John Cayley, Daniel C. Howe
Duel Kate Pullinger, Andy Campbell
exquisite_code Brendan Howell
Huis Clos / No Exit Annie Abrahams
Natural History Johannes Heldén
Search Trilogy Johannes Auer, Beat Suter, René Bauer
Small Uncomfortable Reading Poems Philippe Bootz
Textual Skyline Jason Nelson
The Broadside of a Yarn J. R. Carpenter
The Final Problem Judd Morrissey
The Garden Library Database Visualization Project Romy Achituv, Andres Colubri
_The_Tem(Cor)p(oral)_Body_ Mez Breeze

Critical writing that references this

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The Emergence of Electronic Literature Exhibition Catalogue Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg 2013
Networks of Creativity: Electronic Literature Communities Scott Rettberg, Patricia Tomaszek Center for Literary Computing, West Virginia University 2015
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